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Flamin' Sharp offer a comprehensive 'On Site' sharpening service to four distinct customer bases.

These are:

Industrial and Commercial

Catering for Electricians, Plumbers, Builders, Sheet Metal Works, Roofers, Fibre Glass Boat Builders, Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Installers, Mechanics and Workshops.

Hospitality and Tourism

Catering for Hotels, Clubs, Restaurants, Café's, Deli's, Fish Shops and Take Aways, Hospital Kitchens, T.A.F.E Colleges and High Schools.

Household and Domestic

Catering for Kitchen, Home Workshop, Sewing and Hobbies, Gardening and Outdoors.

Hair Dressing

Catering for Salons and Working from Home Hairdressers and including Sales, Sharpening and Repairs.

Testimonials - Our Clients

What they say about us:

Industrial and Commercial - Testimonials

A+G Industries have been involved with Flamin' Sharp since 2000 and have used their onsite sharpening service each year since.

Flamin' Sharp offer us a professional, cost effective onsite service with the emphasis on Hole Saws in particular.

We have estimated that this affords us a cost saving of around 75% on replacement costs of these items.

It has been noted that these re sharpened tools have performed equal to new and some have been sharpened 2 and 3 times.

With cost savings being of major consideration to many companies, we can highly recommend Flamin' Sharp and their on site service as a very cost effective alternative to a new purchase.

Adrian Emery Purchasing Manager A&G Engineering P/L Griffith N.S.W.

Tourism and Hospitality - Testimonials

Flamin' Sharp have been sharpening our knives on a regular basis and provide us with the prompt and professional service we require.

Steve Elias Jimmy Elias and Son P/L Seafood Processing and Export Port Adelaide S.A.

I have been a Head Chef for 18 years and in that time, experience some good sharpeners and some terrible ones. In most cases, I have had to start 'steeling' my knives within 5 days of sharpening. Since using Flamin' Sharp and their 'Mirror Cut®' process, it was 5 weeks before I needed to use the 'steel'. It has now been 12 weeks since my last sharpen and I am amazed at how well my knives have held their edge. I can highly recommend Flamin' Sharp for their prompt and professional service and in my books, this 'Mirror Cut®' process is going to take some beating.

Matt.. Head Chef Prince of Wales Hotel Queenstown. S.A.

Household and Domestic - Testimonials

Flamin' Sharp provided a friendly and professional service. The quality of the work is exceptional and our knives are sharper than when we first purchased them. Who can go past the convenience of having their knives sharpened at home. No having to leave them and waiting days for them to be ready. Thanks for a great job.

Frank. Lockleys. S.A.

We were impressed when Flamin' Sharp arrived on time and were friendly and very approachable. The knives, scissors and garden implements that we needed sharpened were gathered and sharpened better than my expectations. I am still amazed at how sharp these knives actually are.

The first night of using the sharpened knives saw me reaching for the band aids as I had forgotten what it was like to use a sharp knife when preparing our meals. Luckily, no visit to the emergency department were required.

I am always happy to recommend Flamin' Sharp to my family and all of my friends.

Brad and Julie. Mawson Lakes. S.A.

Flamin' Sharp made my old knives sharper than when they were brand new. Better yet, they came to my place of work and sharpened them on site making it very effortless on my part.

Jonathon. Fulham Gardens. S.A.

Thank you very much for doing such a wonderful job on our knives, scissors and secateurs and for the wonderful and careful way you wrapped them all up and even included a band-aid! (I thought that was just the best bit of added value in the 'Just in Case') Kind regards till next time.

Flame. Melrose Park.

I have been a butcher for the last 40 years. For the past 2 years, I have been using Flamin' Sharp to sharpen my knives to my complete satisfaction and I have no hesitation in recommending their ability to satisfy your needs with their sharpening skills.

Graham. Glenelg.S.A

Mirror, Mirror on the wall, who's the sharpest of them all. Flamin' Sharp of course and with the Mirror Cut finish, produces the sharpest edge I have ever used. I need to count my fingers every time I use my knives !!!.

Fred. Barossa Valley.S.A.

We have used Flamin' Sharp on numerous occasions to service our surgery and dressing scissors. An excellent job and very cost effective. We can recommend them with confidence.

Katrina. Bordertown.S.A.

Hairdressing - Testimonials

My name is Katina Neagle and I have been hairdressing for around 25 years. I am currently test driving a couple of pairs of scissors for Flamin sharp. I am happy to report they are performing just as well as any other scissors I have purchased for sometimes three times the price.

We are all skeptical about cheaper scissors, I definitely was, but was prepared to give them a go and I must say I thought they would be fairly crap compared to my joelles and jaguars. I am pleasantly surprised to say that after a couple of weeks of swapping from my "good scissors" to the ones I am testing out for Bob, I am now so impressed and used to the flaming sharp brand ones that they are the ones I pick up first! I have to be honest and say im still not sure of the second joelles  but I think its only because I haven't given them a fair go and just need to get used to them.

We are all creatures of habit and skeptical when something new presents itself but I do hope you will give them a go, I can attest they will surprise you.

If anyone would like to give me a call I will be happy to have a chat and or answer any questions you may have honestly.

Katina Neagle 0417894533

This week we has the pleasure of meeting Bob from Flamin' Sharp for the first time. Over my years of hairdressing I have purchased and experimented with a wide range of scissors. After a day of being able to test a pair of Flamin' Sharp scissor, I was so happy with the quality and feel of them i managed to talk 2 other workers into buying a pair also. Bob was fantastic to work with, nothing was a issue and purchase made easy. Please do not hesitate to call me if you would like further recommendation of Flamin' Sharp.

Kristie Williams 0419095838 Berri SA 5343

I have been a Hairdresser for over 25 years and have recently purchased some scissors from Flamin Sharp. They are absolutely beautiful to use and I can highly recommend them. They are light and smooth and not ‘clicky’. The Thinners are unbelievable and don’t chomp. They leave a nice texture and a nice line in the hair. They are equal and if not better to use compared with scissors my associates recently purchased for 3 times the price of these scissors supplied by Flamin Sharp.

With a Life Time Warranty you can buy with confidence. If you have any reservations at all about these scissors, please give me a call.

Lea. Mop Shop. KANIVA Victoria. 0429 922 631.

I have absolutely nothing bad to say about these scissors. These scissors are of high quality, very sharp and cut very nicely. The range he has is amazing and this is a great case of Value for Money.

They have a Lifetime Warranty so if anything goes wrong you know it will be attended to.

I have dealt with Bob from Flamin' Sharp and he will do everything he can to help whether it is scissor sharpening, advice or to purchase a new set of shears.

You are more than welcome to give me a call or email me and I can discuss this in further detail.

If I don't answer, leave a message and I will be more than happy to call you back.

Shear Class Hair Studio. Naracoorte. S.A.
(08) 87620042 || 0448930030

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