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Flamin' Sharp offer a comprehensive 'On Site' sharpening service to four distinct customer bases.

These are:

Industrial and Commercial

Catering for Electricians, Plumbers, Builders, Sheet Metal Works, Roofers, Fibre Glass Boat Builders, Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Installers, Mechanics and Workshops.

Hospitality and Tourism

Catering for Hotels, Clubs, Restaurants, Café's, Deli's, Fish Shops and Take Aways, Hospital Kitchens, T.A.F.E Colleges and High Schools.

Household and Domestic

Catering for Kitchen, Home Workshop, Sewing and Hobbies, Gardening and Outdoors.

Hair Dressing

Catering for Salons and Working from Home Hairdressers and including Sales, Sharpening and Repairs.

Business Opportunity - FAQ's

The following fact sheet is designed to provide some answers to some of the more commonly asked questions. If you have any further questions please note them down and bring them to our attention when next we chat.

Q Is this a franchise?

A  Quite simply; No it isn't. We deliberately took the decision to not build a franchise model and for the following reasons:

  1. The current and potential changes in regulations are too complex for our business model and such a legal structure would put too onerous demands on both you and on us in terms of expectations and commitments. Our business is a simple business and in the right hands it does not need layer upon layer of regulatory compliance and additional costs that would need to be recovered with high fees.
  2. We also believe that you should have the freedom to work for who you want and where you want and without territorial restrictions. Of course it would make sense to stay close to your home to keep travel time at a minimum but it is up to you really. The more compact you can make your client base the better off you will be.
  3. We are good at what we do. We know our business inside out having done this for more than twenty years and we are happy to make our living training the right people and selling them the right equipment so that they can do as we do.
  4. In summary we don't like the overly legal nature of franchising and for our business it is too complicated. Right now several states in Australia are contemplating new State based legislation in addition to the Federal regulation that already exists and this will again make it too hard for either of us to know what the future holds.
  5. We and you need certainty and stability as we progress on our business journeys and this independent business model provides that for you and your family.

Q What is the difference then with your Licence structure?

A Our licence is only to provide you with the ability to use our brand name alongside your own Trading name. Following the satisfactory completion of your training you will hold ‘Accreditation' to use the Flamin' Sharp brand name as a sub-brand to your own. In your business you must ensure that our brand is not displayed in any fashion to be more than 25% of the size given to your own. It is your business that is to be promoted by you and not ours.

Remember, you are an independent operator and your Accreditation Licence with us is only to demonstrate the following facts to your clients:

  1. You have completed and passed our Training Programme and met our quality assessments as a Flamin' Sharp Licensee
  2. You may also be an Accredited Mirror Cut technician.

Q What is Mirror Cut?

A Mirror Cut is our own Trademarked new and ‘world class' sharpening technique that is used primarily for the sharpening of quality knives. Most people in the hospitality sector are very careful about whom they allow to sharpen their knives and our system is simply the best. You will have the option to take up the Mirror Cut training and equipment or not and this will depend on your own business plans for the future. Knife sharpening is but one avenue of revenue in our current business model.

Q Why should I choose Flamin' Sharp instead of starting my own business?

A Starting a new business can be very risky. Once trained by Flamin' Sharp you can reduce the risk considerably as you are buying a business model with an established and successful history. With our extensive experiences we have been able to reduce the time normally taken to generate leads, do the work and get paid, to a more acceptable level.

Without this experience your investment in learning these lessons would be very costly.

Our comprehensive and integrated equipment package has taken us over 20 years to invent, develop, refine and improve to ensure that the best quality sharpening services are provided to our clients. In fact we continue to refine and improve so that we stay ahead of the rest in our industry.

Our industry is almost a ‘cottage' industry still. Yes there are several other sharpeners across the country but none have the professional and comprehensive quality approach and commitment that we do. Our Brand has become synonymous with quality sharpening. This is your chance to become a licensee and start your very own business and to be trained by us to make it that much easier for you to establish yourself.

Q Are there other groups in this industry?

A Yes there are. We know of two in particular and would be happy to give you their details so that you can compare our offer with theirs. You will quickly see that our offer is:

  1. Better in terms of the equipment package
  2. More comprehensive Training and Guidance
  3. Proven with facts to back it up
  4. Broader in scope of opportunity for you
  5. Has a comprehensive Technical Sharpening Manual
  6. Holds the option for you to acquire Clients from us should they be available

Q  How do I go about becoming a Flamin' Sharp licensed operator?

A You have already started the journey. Once you are certain that this opportunity suits you then you must complete an Application Form. This information will further assist us in assessing your suitability as a Flamin' Sharp licensee. Should we decide after that that you meet our initial criteria, then we will explain what is needed in order for you to become a licensee. You will be furnished with a copy of our License Agreement to read ahead of time.

Q How much will it cost?

A The professional fees payable to us for the full Training programme and total Equipment package for Flamin' Sharp and Mirror Cut is $88,000.00 GST inclusive.

Q What does this fee cover?

A The Training Fee and Equipment package is to cover the following as well as to reimburse us for the years of development in creating this business opportunity package;

  1. Comprehensive Training and quality monitoring over the first few weeks;
  2. All necessary equipment and associated materials to start your own business based on the package you have chosen
  3. Technical Manual and updates as they occur;
  4. The License fee to use of our Brand names as a sub-brand to your own Trading Name

Q How long does it take to build my business up?

A The simple answer is that it depends on you really.

Our proven marketing techniques are there for you to adapt and adopt. We have spent years developing the ways to make it easier for you to cut through and win clients. In reality of course it depends on many external factors as well as your own ability to learn quickly and work hard. The most common reason why any business is slower than it should be to establish itself is normally attributable to the practices of the owners and not to any external forces even though they can be a cause at times. We will help where we can, however the tasks are yours to undertake with our guidance and your results will undoubtedly reflect your own efforts .

Q Can I work with you before I finally decide to go ahead?

A Yes you can, in our process we have provided an opportunity for you to spend a few hours or a day or so with us before you finally decide to go ahead. This occurs when you have signed the Confidentiality Agreement as you would expect. This work experience is unpaid and designed to give you a real insight into running a business such as ours.

Q How long does the License go for?

A Provided that you have not breached your License Agreement with us, your license will be ongoing. Our goal is to have successful independent operators across Australia that use our specialised equipment and training to provide the very best sharpening services to their very own clients through their own independent businesses.

Q Will I have an exclusive territory?

A Your rights are unlimited. You choose where you want to work.

Q How long is the training and when does it occur?

A Training is programmed to occur once you have paid your fees and it will run for three weeks . This training is compulsory prior to the commencement of your own business.

Q When do I get my equipment package?

A Once you have paid 50% of your Training and Equipment fees then we will order your equipment and have the build of your package commenced. It would be available for you once you have completed your training programme.

Q Will I be able to sell my business in the future?

A Yes; remember that this is your business and it is not a franchise. The only pre-requisite from us, is that should the person that you wish to sell to want to continue to be a Licensee of Flamin' Sharp then we will need to train them ourselves so that we are satisfied that they meet our competency levels and will continue to offer quality professional services, just as you have been. They will have to pay us for that training and you will be advised of that fee at the time you wish to sell your business.